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Planning a beach holiday but sick and tired of the scorching heat. Get yourself a beach canopy to leisurely enjoy your beach vacation. Beach canopy is a portable sun shelter for your outdoor activities, so go ahead and plan your beach getaway in the sand and turf giving you that deeply relaxing vacation you completely deserve.

best beach canopy

Features of the Best Beach Canopy

Before you go and buy your beach canopy. Ensure that all the given features listed below are well evaluated, you don’t want to regret your decision later and you buy yourself the instant canopy for beach.

  1. Material – The ideal material for a canopy should be polyester or nylon which are more water resistant and durable. Another important thing to keep in mind is to have good UV protection. The sun canopies have frames which are made of aluminum or steel, aluminum is compact, portable, easy to assemble with the minimal workforce, durable and resistant to rust and corrosion hence aluminum is more suited for the beaches.
  2. Size – Usually canopies are large enough to fit a complete family and also small enough for just two, it all depends on your requirements. Hence take your pick after deciding whether it’s a party for two or you want to set out with your entire clan.
  3. Color – The canopies are available in a variety of color options. You can choose bright ones or neutral shades depending on your preferences. However bright colors prove to be a better option as they are easy to locate, especially for little kids.
  4. Ease – It is essential that you consider the weight of the canopy especially if you intend to carry it for long distances. You should find a light weighted, easy to set up and strong sort of canopy especially if you have kids so that you assure maximum safety.

Advantages of Owning a Canopy

Wondering why you need a beach canopy? Let me tell you a few benefits of using it.

  • A safety spot for valuables – Your beach canopy offers to be a great spot for keeping all your valuables safe. You can be really assured your belonging wouldn’t get washed away with the waves.
  • Privacy – Enjoy all the privacy you need in our own canopy anywhere you desire. It gives you a place to change, relax or just lie down comfortably as you desire.
  • Storage place for food – Where to store your food while you vacation on the beach? You can keep your food items well protected from sun rays, water and sand in your canopy, so that has it ready and clean when needed.
  • Very Easy to assemble – It is very easy and convenient to step up a canopy. It often took just a few minutes and can be done with minimum efforts required. Hence the instant canopy for  beach is the ones that are very easy to assemble.

Types of Canopies

  1. Heavier Sun Canopies – These are built from the stronger material that is durable and can stand in the same position even on a windy day. However, the downside is the weight they are heavier and cannot be carried around with much ease.
  2. Lighter Beach Canopies – These are very easy to set up as they are made up of very light material. However, if it is too windy outside there is a possibility your canopy may get blown away by the wind as it is not very sturdy.

Before you finish reading you might have got a fair idea to choose your Best Beach Canopy. So go and pick your best deal which matches your style and way of life & set off to your beach vacation and makes the most out of the sand and turf.