Nulo cat food buying guide and customizations for your cat

Nulo cat food buying guide

Cats and humans are growing together now for a really long time, but the nutritional habit of cat is quite distinctly different from those of humans. Nulo is a famous pet food manufacturing company established in the year 2009 by Michael Landa and Brett Montana. This brand manufactures cat food and dog food mainly with high protein content from animal-based sources. Animal-based proteins are ideal as cat food because cats are obligate carnivores and their body metabolism is such suited that they prefer animal meat-based products more than plant-based products. Nulo foods are low card and low glycemic foods which are again quite important to maintain the fitness of your beloved pet. Nulo food claim that they are made of 83% animal-sourced substances. Nulo foods are approved by organizations like the Association of American Feed Control Office (AAFCO) and the food and drug administration (FDA). Having the approval of such organizations is definitely a big deal for pet food companies.

How to select the best Nulo cat food for your cat

Nulo is a highly specialized site when it comes to pet food. You basically do not need a detailed Nulo cat food buying guide to choose a cat food from there website. The moment you visit their website they will ask you whether your pet is a cat or a dog. After you choose cat they will ask you about the age of your cat, then they will ask you about the nature of your cat whether your cat is solely an indoor cat or an indoor-outdoor cat. Next, they will ask you about any particular concern your cat has like a urinary health issue, skin or coat problems, hairball issue, appetite problems, digestion trouble or even whether your cat is in a multi-cat home or not. If your cat has any of the above concerns you can choose that or simply choose the option that your cat has no such issue. Next comes the athelicity of the cat whether your cat is a high energy athlete or an occasional hunter or a couch potato or has normal activities of a regular cat. Once you select that they will ask you lastly about the type of food your cat prefers that is Pates, or kibble, or minces and shreds or your cat loves variety food in the diet. Once you choose all these they will generate a few choices appropriate for the condition your cat is in.

How to know whether the suggested food is suitable or not

Once you have the search results you can browse through the recipe of each packet and have a look at the ingredients to confirm that the variety is ideal for your cat. So, if you are someone who always checks ingredients while buying your pet’s food then also the Nulo website is quite appealing and suitable for you as you can see all the ingredients used while preparing the cat food.