Looking for an affordable and yet high-quality piano –Check out the reviews for Casio px 160 review

This article might provide you with deep insight on Casio px 160 review if you are in search of buying a good piano. From the previous PX-150 model, the successor has many included features. The most important additional features that blow our mind are multi-dimensional air sound source and tri-sensor scaled hammer action. The actual price of a Casio px-160 is around 499 USD. The simulated ivory and ebony keytops makes the entire keyboard look stylish and sleek. There are around sixty preset songs available on it.

Characteristics of Casio px 160

Casio px 160 review

Casio px 160 review can be said in a line as it has many added advantages compared to 150 px.

  • Design: It is lightweight compared to the other keyboards having the same specifications. The Casio px 160 is compact and weighs around 11.5 Kilograms. The width is according to the standard full range pianos which are 52 inches. The piano is portable and can be carried to nearby café and gigs easily. The control panel of the piano is simple and easy to navigate. The buttons are labeled and pretty easy to understand.
  • Keyboard: The Casio px 160 keyboards have 88 keys like other pianos. As mentioned earlier, it has a special feature called tri-sensor scaled hammer action helps us to get a realistic response from the keys. It has a great dynamic range that makes it produce high clarity sounds from soft sounds to loudest sounds. They used actual hammers that help in simulating the striking of hammers for each responding key. This makes it fully weighted and not semi-weighted like other pianos which use springs that adds extra weight.
  • Sound: The sound is great in px-160 compared to px-150. There is a feature called multidimensional morphing air sounds. The advantages that make Casio px 660 review so good is that the memory capacity is increased 3x times compared to the previous versions. Due to this, higher piano samples with minute nuances can be added to the music. It also uses lossless audio compression by means of morphing air sound source. It helps in producing music with noise distortions in other formats like MP3.
  • Speakers: The px-150 speakers are not up to the mark which makes its customers very disappointed. However, in Casio px-160, the manufacturers have come up with high-quality speakers. It has double 8W amplifier speakers that improve the sound quality. These help in producing clear and clarified sounds with minute details. The resonance is very good and can produce loud sounds.
  • Features: The Casio px 160 review tells us that the keyboard operated at different modes, unlike the previous version. The different modes by which the keyboard works is by split mode, layer mode, and dual mode. He split mode has a single bass effect that does not shift the split points. With the help of layer mode, you can use two different layers over music. The dual mode helps to connect the two different instruments by two different music players.

This is the Casio px 160 review and to sum up, the keyboard is better compared to any other model with the same specifications.