How Wireless Dog Fence Helps In Containment Of Your Pets

Dogs have been accompanying mankind since ancient times. Before they were kept as companions and were very helpful while hunting because of their highly sensitive nose which can pick up any scent even if the animal is miles away from them. They were also used in wars to locate wounded or dying soldiers usually the dogs used for this purpose were medium sized. Nowadays people keep them as a pet and who doesn’t want these adorable creatures gifted by nature who are so loyal, smart, playful and silly all at the same time. They give you the best company and you can anything but sad by just being around them. Every dog owner has the fear of losing their pet; they take every possible measure to avoid this kind of situation like tying leash around their neck so that they don’t run off, putting a fence around their house and do not let your dog out on its own, putting a wireless dog fence and more to count.

 Benefits of using a wireless dog fence

wireless dog fence

There are some dogs which you cannot contain in the regular or traditional fence and this is not the only problem there are some colony or cities which do not allow you to put the traditional fence upon your property. This is where wireless dog fence comes into picture which helps to avoid the trouble of containing your dog within certain limits. It saves you from the trouble of putting up the traditional fence and you don’t have to look for your dog every now and then these wireless dog fence are foolproof. Your dog also feels free to go anywhere in the house, lawn porch backyard without a leash over its neck. Another benefit of using a wireless fence over the traditional fence is that it is not much expensive and you don’t have to fix or repaint it after installation. Its installation is very easy all you have to do is dig up the ground and install the wire underground and you can also take that fence if you are shifting to a new location.

How does a wireless dog fence work?

The wireless dog fence is very easy to install and operate. There are two types of wireless fence which work differently from each other. The wired underground fences are one which is linked with a transmitter kept in your house and is tuned with the collar of dog and the other one is placed in your house and transmits a radio signal to the collar of your dog. When your dog goes out of this limited range the transmitter placed inside your house sends the signal to the collar which gives a shock to the dog. You have to train your dog about what to do when it gets a shock.

Modern-day problems need modern day solution and when it comes to the containment of your pet dog there is nothing better than a wireless dog fence. It does not costs much and have no maintenance charge in comparison to the traditional fence and keeps your pets safe.