How To Hit Targets With A Gun?

Shooting a target with a gun is not as easy as they show it in the movies. Hitting moving targets is a bigger challenge of its own but even when it comes to non-moving targets like cans, boards or paper one needs to keep a lot of things in mind in order to be able to aim properly and hit a bullseye. For that you will also need top reflect sights

top reflect sight

Safety First

Safety precautions will not only protect you from any imperceptible mishaps but will also allow you to aim better. You should be wearing a good set of ear plugs and goggles everytime you shoot. The goggles will protect you from any flying debris while you fire shots making your vision much better. The earplugs will protect your ears from the loud “bang” noises while you empty the bullets of your gun on to the target. Good sound insulation will allow you to focus better instead of getting distracted after each shot.

Also, make sure that your t-shirt or shirt has tight sleeves so that they don’t get caught up in your gun as you mount it.

Proper mount, stance, and alignment

A proper stance should be taken with respect to the kind of gun you’ll be using. Align the gun in such a way that you can look right down the barrel of the gun all the way up to the bead at the end. Most beginners tend to make the mistake of looking up and taking their heads off the gun to look at the target. This tends to destroy your whole initial setup. Keep your head aligned with the gun at all times.

Start Small

Start small by practicing on stationary targets like cans, paper targets or boards. Then slowly progress to flying clay targets that pause at least for a few seconds in the air before falling. Once you think you’re past the beginner stage, start practicing with the more complex moving targets.


It’s a well-known fact that the key to mastering anything is to practice it consistently. The same goes for shooting targets. Don’t just practice shooting but also every aspect of firing the gun. Practice alignment, your stance while shooting and also the proper placement of your arms before you start firing each time. Your muscles might initially give up under the strain of the gun. But with practice, you will get stronger.

Aim small Hit small

Every time you’re trying to hit a target try aiming for a small portion of the target instead of focusing on the target as a whole. Usually, targets do have a separate bullseye. But the lines for separating it from the rest of the target are rather homogeneous. You can either p[lace a small sticker on the target or just put your entire focus into that one small spot. The psychological logic behind this is that if you aim for the whole target you might just miss the whole target, but if you’re aiming for a small section, you’ll have a better chance of hitting the target somewhere.

Now whatever your purpose may be, challenging your friends at the shooting range, aiming at a standard competition target and the loser offering everyone a round of drinks. Follow the tips above and you won’t end up spilling your beans out on everyone else’s drinks.