How to Choose the Right Kind amongst the Best RV Toilets

The RV (Recreational Life) is taken up by people for different reasons. While it mostly comprises of minimalistic living, leading a nomadic, life, tailgating through one’s days while doing everything else just the same way as others, it does take a lot of sacrifices. The biggest being, leaving the luxuries and comforts of living in a full- fledged house or apartment. But that is also one reason why people opt for a life in an RV. It’s cheaper and once you get used to it, it does become very favorable. While the luxury level may differ in a traditional house and an RV, what remains the same is the need to relieve yourself. Since you’re here, looking for the best RV toilets, you probably know all of this already.

There is a plethora of options out there for you to choose from but here’s what you should keep in mind while choosing the best RV toilet for your house (RV):

 best RV toilets
  • Size- first of all look for the right sized toilet for your RV. One that suits the size of your RV and comfortably fits in. RVs are of variable sizes and so are RV toilets. It is imperative to find the right size.
  • Flush- the flushing in a portable toilet is done by a pedal. While purchasing, make sure to find one with a comfortable pedal- flush mechanism. Also, ensure that the water tank capacity should be enough.
  • Weight- since this toilet will be installed in a vehicle, it definitely needs to be light. Even if some RV toilets are pretty light when empty, some tend to get very bulky when in usage, so, see to it that the extra weight it gains is not too extra in regard to the vehicle.
  • Installment- the toilet should be easy to install. There are some RV toilets in the market that barely take any time to install and already come assembled and you just need to bolt them.
  • Height- while it is usually preferred that the toilet is tall in height, it is completely based on the space in the RV and whatever suits your comfort.
  • Diameter of the toilet bowl- the diameter of the toilet bowl matters a lot. Bowls with smaller diameters can be very uncomfortable and many portable toilets do come with smaller bowls so be very careful of the diameter of the bowl.
  • Material- the material should be sturdy and should not wear or tear easily. Ceramic or Polythylene material should be good enough for your RV.
  • Leak proof, odorless- the toilets have a valve that tends to wear out and leak. Seek toilets with valves that have double or more layers for protection.
  • Price- while it is ideal to seek the most cost- efficient option, we would suggest that you go for the expensive options available in the market because that naturally means better quality and durability.
  • Kind of users- if you have elderly or disabled people staying in the RV then it is advisable to go for tall seats and if you have children or toddlers staying with you then choose a standard sized toilet. Very big bowls are not very advisable in that case.

Other factors like how much time you are going to spend in the RV, how well is the water tank capacity, detachability and hygiene also count. Toilets are a basic necessity and so it becomes imperative that you find the right one for your abode on wheels.