How To Buy The Best Push Mower that You Can

Push mowers are a new kind of lawn mowers that are equipped with the easy to use push technology that just requires you to push a button to operate it. Here are some things you should look out for to buy the best push mower:

The Trade-off between push mower and self-propelled mower

If you have a relatively even garden with a surface area under a quarter acre, the push mower might be the best thing for you. You can cut anywhere from 20-22 inches of grass to beautify your lawn. If you are comfortable with pushing it around (it can be a great exercise), then it is the best way to save money and get a quality product.

Self-propelled, as the name might suggest basically pushes itself around. You just have to be behind it to control the direction. It forms an ideal foil for the larger land area of up to three-fourths of an acre. Since it drives itself, it can be expensive.

Features that you should look out for

  • How easily does it start

There is no point to a mower if it does not pick itself up rapidly on starting. If you want a smooth experience while cleaning up your garden, choose a mower with optimum starting engine capacity.

Choose a mower with an electric starting system to make your work a lot easier.

Another type is Automatic Choke Starting Systems. Unload the safety handle and simply have your go at the starter rope.

Primer Starting System has one special advantage of pumping only that much gas into the system that can enable easy and hassle-free starts.

  • What about the clippings

You are cutting all the long strands of the grass after months of procrastination. What about the grass? Bagging comes into picture here. You can bag the grass in with the sides or the back of the mower where sufficient space is provided for storage. You should prefer a back bagging system if you want to avoid stopping in front of obstacles like trees. It can save you time and effort. You can use all this waste grass to make your own compost pit so that you can finally grow vegetables in your garden.

The best way to solve the problem of waste management would-be the use of mulching push mowers. They have the provision of blades to chop the grass into very fine pieces that can serve the purpose of natural fertilizer.

  • How to handle the stray leaf

There is a provision of a screen of the sort that lets the finer grass to pass through while catching the leaves. These leaves are then cut by blades and thrown out from a chute where it can act as fertilizer.

  • Durability is an important factor

Look for facilities like Overhead Value Technology (OHV) in your engine to choose a mower that lasts for long.

To choose the best push mower, keep all these factors in mind for the optimum product.