Garmin Striker 4 Reviews- Device Of The Generation

Love fishing? Love going to fishing spots but forget to identify the same place? Don’t worry, the Garmin Striker 4 is a perfect device for you. Now, finding the spots that you were the previous time fishing and want to know the location again without much of a trouble, this is certainly the product for you. Now, going back to the location where you were will be easier than before. It should be noted that the Garmin Striker comes with a 3.5 inches screen which is good enough for a locator. Another thing that should certainly be noted is that the GPS which is present in this device is highly accurate. The navigation which Garmin Striker 4 reviews provide is certainly the best and next to none.

Advantages of Garmin Striker 4-

  1. It not only helps to find the location but also theadvanced technology used on it even helps to find the fishes under water. So fishing will be a bit easier for the amateurs if they are using this product. It will be of great help to the fishermen as well as it will help them to save their time.
  2. The depth that this device can penetrate is indeed a surprise for us. It pleasantly shocks us with its depth that is around1600 feet in fresh water, which is equivalent to 480 meters and 750 feet in salt water, equivalent to around 230 meters. So the depth that it helps to locate the marine objects is quite a distance. So it is certainly a pro to buy this product.

Use of Advanced Navigation Technology-

Suppose you have gone somewhere for a trek and you are fishing in the middle of a huge lake and the chances that you will fail to reach the same spot is very low. Garmin Striker 4 comes up with the technology which can actually store 5000 locations for you. So from the next time you are planning to go fishing, you can actually return to the same spot you were fishing the previous time.

Comes with Striking features like its Portability and Waterproof built-

Garmin Striker 4 comes with anIPX7 waterproof technology which means that it can easily tolerate water and rain splashes. It might happen that it can get splashed but there is nothing to worry about it as its technology provides superior protection from splashes. Another important thing which must be noted is that it can withstand up to 1 meter of immersion in fresh water. The quality of protection with regard to waterproof is more or less well covered. Again it is portable and hence easy to carry during trips and other places.

The best part about this product is that it costs really less as compared to other similar products. It hardly costs around 150 US $, which is much less than its substitutes. Considering the price range, it is certainly a budget-friendly product.

This Garmin Striker 4 is going to be of immense use to the fishermen and all the people who are in love with fishing. Considering the above-mentioned advantages of the product it will certainly be a bargain to buy for.